‘Wildfire Spreads’ features remixes of each of the original ‘Wildfire’ parts by 12 worldwide artists (France, Washington, Scotland, Sweden, etc.). To put together such a gigantic cast, I invited both close friends of mine and foreign artists I was an absolute fan of. Result is a mind-blowing trip made of glitchy IDM, raw techno, dirty trap, and even dark italo. After all, fire knows no frontiers. “

My take on this international gathering of tasteful musicians was to make videos for each and every track of this remix album.
The basic idea is simple, one concept = one video. Not sequenced as a video clip but more of an insight into a technique, a feeling or an experimentation.
For me it was the opportunity to explore different aspects of modern digital arts by taking a deep dive into neural networks, generative meshes, 360° rendered videos and more. At some point I will release tutorials and ressources concerning each video that you will be able, to remix again. Wildfire does spread.

Each video as it’s own subpost with more in-depth information but if you want to straight to the video themselves here is the list of the youtube video

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