VIDEOMay 12, 2018


INVOTAPE – A4 (2014) – is a Hand made DIY BD-R Mixtape – 88 copies Mixed by Moonlight Sonata at Melanocetus Home Studio, Strasbourg, France. 3 hours dj set from Ambient to Techno. Divided into 11 parts with 11 different video artists from all other the world.
I was asked to visualise – A4  in 2014 as a realtime abstract voyage.
It’s made of 4 different parts

  • Glitched head – kinect captured facial animation audioreactivly glitched in realtime
  • Black and white scene with deformed 3d models (timestamp)
  • a travel through a deformed 3d city with an animated billboard using facial tracking as the lyrics/text is read.(timestamp)
  • a short outro with some audioreactive crystalline structures.(timestamp)

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