Crash Server – Darkwater (SLAAP remix) + Cinema 4d / octane project file

Strasbourg based rock band « [SLAAP] » offered us to make a live coded remix (with [foxDot]) one of their tracks « Darkwater » from the 2019’s EP. Inspired by the band’s cover minimalistic art style, we accompanied our music by this music video.

Using [Octane] in addition to [Cinema 4d] and it’s quite versatile toon material I tried to recreate the feeling of their cover art.

In this article I’ll try to go over some of the steps used to create this music video and share a c4d project file as an example. But first, here is the video.

Let’s go over the creation of the scene at 0:46, there are some « trees » waving in motion some of them emitting particles. It’s quite a basic scene but there is a little trick to do the animation using xpresso.

Waving the trees

In order to make the trees move, simply put a bend deformer on the tree, use fit to parent to match the volume of the mesh. Now create a new xpresso tag, create a noise node and drag the bend deformer into the node network.
Then, simply connect the noise to the bend deformer and select the strength property, ajust the noise settings to match your wanted frequency and amplitude and voilà.

Baking particles in order for octane to render them correctly.
I noticed that the particle emitters didn’t show up while rendering. The simple fix I found is using the « bake as alembic » function available when right clicking on the emitter and it’s subelements.

You can download the project file for free [right here on gumroad].

You can find Slaap band on the following links

bandcamp :
facebook :
tumblr :

Crash Server

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